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Have a question/concern that you don't see below? Email for anything relating to this website and your orders, and someone will assist you ASAP!

Have a custom graphic request? (i.e. member outings, grand opening parties, local newspaper opportunities, billboards, etc) email and we'll help you out!  NOTE ** HQ needs to create any and all graphics being used.  You may NOT create your own graphics.

1. What is the turnaround time for print orders?

Approximately 7-10 business days for orders to be completed and shipped.  Some products may take a little longer.


2. Where do I buy window clings?

Window cling orders are dealt with via email.  Please email to get started.  Upon receiving your email we will send you a reference sheet that explains in detail what the process is and what we need from you.


3. How do you install window clings?

Window clings are meant to be installed on the outside! Make sure your window is completely clean. Use soapy water, and while there is still soapy water on the window, place the cling on the window to help it stick! Use a squeegee to smooth out any bumps.
NOTE ** You don't necessarily need to hire someone to install these.  You may install them yourself.


4. I would like to order an outdoor banner, billboard, bus sign, etc and would need it in specific dimensions.

Please email for any custom requests.  We will send you the artwork directly and you will get these printed locally.


5. What is the difference between a window cling and an outdoor banner?

Window clings are essentially a giant sticker.  All window clings are made to be installed on the exterior of your window.  You will peel off backing and then place cling onto your window and slowly flatten it out.  (See FAQ #3 for reference on how to install window clings)  Outdoor banners are essentially made out of fabric and do not have any backing that peels off.  These banners come with grommets, which are holes that are cut out within the banner, which allows you to use some sort of wire that helps attach it from the grommet to a wall (or wherever you plan to hang the banner)


6. Can I get expedited shipping?

This is determined on an order by order basis.  We cannot always promise that expedited shipping is possible.  Note that production alone can take 3-5 business days.  So sometimes even though we expedite shipping, we still have to account for processing/production time. Please send an email to regarding this ASAP.


7. Can I cancel my order / make a change?

If your order was already sent to print, unfortunately this cannot be done.  However please try and contact us right away if you would like to do either of these two. We try and process orders as soon as they come in so that they can arrive to you in a timely manner.  We cannot guarantee that an order can always be cancelled.


8. Do you mail out our 6x11 direct mail postcards?

We only provide the design.  Once these arrive to you, you will have to work with a local post office in regards to the mailing.


9. What is EDDM, in regards to the 6x11 direct mail postcards?

EDDM is "Every Door Direct Mail".  If you wish to add this to your 6x11 postcards, please obtain the logos from your local post office and upload (or email it to us) when placing your order.  We will add this to your design.

10. Can I change the wording on the "grand opening" ad sets to "coming soon" instead?

Yes of course, please note this in the comments section before checking out.


11. Can I put my individual ILKB address on the print material, and/or my individual ILKB website?

We market as an entire brand, therefore all marketing print material leads people to the main iLoveKickboxing directory page.  No individual addresses and/or phone numbers are to go on the marketing print material.  However, if you are a coming soon location, we DO put your town/location on those ad sets.

Please contact to create your ILKBPrint account.